Tuesday, September 22, 2009

TWD - Black Raspberry Pufflets

I have officially renamed these. These should not be called Cottage Cheese Pufflets. I mean, really. Look at that picture above. Does that look like it has cottage cheese in it? No.

When I think about cottage cheese (which I love), I think about my paternal grandmother. You see, both of my grandmothers were good cooks. My maternal grandmother was a good cook like in the Mastering the Art of French Cooking way of being a good cook. On the other hand, my paternal grandmother was a good cook like in the Betty Crocker way of being a good cook. Basic, good food. She grew up on a farm. She could kill a chicken and fry it. And she served cottage cheese topped with Western Dressing and half a canned pear. Yum.

Anyway, you can't even tell there is cottage cheese in these yummy little pufflets. And they were soooooo easy. I feel bad for saying that because I have been reading all of the horror stories over at Tuesdays with Dorie. The dough was a dream for me - it worked really, really well. But, I gave in to a lot of its demands. I let it chill for two days after making it. I rolled a third at a time on floured wax paper with lots and lots of flour on the rolling pin. Yeah, it was a demanding diva of a dough, but when I followed it's rules, it was perfect.

So, first I floured a rectangle of wax paper and floured my rolling pin. And rolled out the dough. Then I cut it with a pizza cutter.

Then I tried to peel it off of the wax paper. Nope. But after putting in the freezer for 15 minutes, it was perfect again. Then I flipped it over onto the silpat and peeled off the wax paper.

Then I dolloped on some wonderful Black Raspberry jam from the Farmer's Market. It needed a few moments to thaw a little before folding it over. And yes, I completely suck at making squares free-form. I decided random trapezoids were much more interesting anyway.

Here you can see the variety of wonderful shapes I came up with - just to make things interesting.

But I have one question - why did mine have all these little spots on them??

And they taste even better than they look.


margot said...

Your pufflets look fantastic, that jam sounds divine (I don't know what the dots are, though). You are lucky to have two grandmothers who were great cooks, neither of mine were that into cooking, though I think that inspired my parents to be good cooks.

Jennifer said...

Mine rolled wonderfully, too, but, like you, I should have put the dough back in the freezer after rolling and cutting, rather than trying to peel the dough off the silpat. It was really soft and my pieces ended up stretched and messy looking.
Oh, and like you, I love cottage cheese. Either with canned peaches, or with diced tomato, green onions, and pepper. I'm amazed at all the TWD'er's that are cottage cheese haters.

Secret Server said...

I decided to just call these "pufflets" to the fam. How did you get your dough to roll out so perfectly rectangular? I have been a dodo lately when it comes to dough. get it? Dough Dough? OK, I will go write my post and not include that pun.

Your pufflets look great. I don't know what the spots are, but I liked them amount of preserves you used. I bet they were fantastic!

Ms. PH said...

I think the dots may be specks of flour? I'm still confused.

MarySue - I cut off the rough edges of the dough to make rectangles. I saved the scraps and rolled them out too . . . they worked well!

Kim said...

Your pufflets look perfect. I came up with all sorts of wonderful shapes. Can't cut a straight line to save my life. The blackberry jam sounds fantastic. Glad the dough worked out for you.

Jacque said...

Hmmm, yea, I wonder what's up with the spots. Interesting.

I'm so happy to hear of a success story. I fear I've brought much grief on the TWD community this week, LOL. Congrats on your well behaved and awesome looking pufflets. Thanks for joining in.

I laughed at your garage sale story. People are so funny sometimes.

spike. said...

I think everyone wants to rename these guys! love the shape of yours